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Whether you're a first-time home buyer or experienced commercial developer, we can help.

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Whether you're buying a home for the first time, or adding another income property to your real estate portfolio, we're here to help.  We will guide you through the process from start to finish.  McIlwain Law Office represents both resident and non-resident clients.  If you're working with a realtor or broker, we'll work collaboratively with your team to ensure the best results.


We handle sales of residential and commercial properties, and work for residents and non-residents alike.  We will work collaboratively with your realtor and any other member of your real estate team to ensure your transactions runs smoothly from start to finish.


If your property hasn't already been brought into the Land Registration system from the old Registry of Deeds system, your property will need to be migrated before you sell, finance, or subdivide.  At McIlwain Law Office, we are experienced in dealing with complex title issues, including migrations based on adverse possession and prescriptive easements. 

Mortgages and Refinancing

Whether you're purchasing with a mortgage or refinancing a property you already own, we will work with your lender or broker to ensure your financing comes together as smoothly as possible.  We have extensive experiencing working with Canada's major banks, brokers, as well as private lenders.

Title Investigations - Title and Access Issues

Do you have a title issue or access issue?  McIlwain Law Office has in-depth knowledge of common local title and access issues.  We will do a full title search, clearly lay out the issue at hand, and suggest a path to move forward.  From there, we'll work to get your problem solved.


Do you and your neighbour share a private road that needs to be properly documented?  We're here to help.  We will prepare a custom Grant of Easement to ensure your needs and concerns are addressed.

Transfers of Title - Deeds

Looking to add your spouse to title?  Transferring your property to a family or spousal trust?  We can help.


Subdividing or consolidating?  We'll work closely with your surveyor to ensure all boxes are ticked.  We will also work to address any access issues that arise during the subdivision process.

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About McIlwain Law Office

McIlwain Law Office is here to serve all of your real estate needs.  We have extensive experience in both residential and commercial real estate.  Whether you're a first-time home buyer or experienced commercial developer, we're here to help.

Real Estate Legal Team

Meet the team

McIlwain Law Office is a real estate firm made up of lawyer Blair K. McIlwain and paralegal Katelyn M. Weagle.  We're here to address all of your real estate needs.

Blair K. McIlwain

Blair McIlwain's years of experience and extensive knowledge of the local real estate landscape will allow you to move forward with confidence. Blair takes a hands-on approach and is dedicated to finding practical solutions to complex problems. Blair's practice covers many facets of real estate including purchases, sales, migrations, mortgages, refinancing, and addressing complex title and access issues. Blair grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, but now calls Bridgewater home with her husband and supermutt, Conrad.

Katelyn M. Weagle

Katelyn Weagle has more than 15 years of experience as a real estate paralegal. She handles both residential and commercial matters including purchases, sales, mortgages, and refinancings. Katelyn's knowledge of the Land Registration system and her detail-oriented approach to real estate transactions will ensure your matter reaches the finish line. Katelyn was born and raised on the south shore and now lives in Bridgewater.

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